A Sweet Piece of Pie

Sometimes we don’t get the whole piece of pie, but that doesn’t mean the one bite we do get isn’t just as sweet as the whole piece.

Here’s a SWEET bite:
Super Saturday at ANWA Conference 
(see below for a list of classes)
February 23, 2013
Registration opens at 7:00, Conference is 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Cost: $80 (a steal!)
Great for teachers (who qualify for up to 6 hours of Professional Development that can be applied to the AZ Educator License), working professionals, and people looking for a quick, but very juicy bite of the writing world.
Enjoy the PIE!
Saturday classes: Self-Published? How to Earn a Six-Figure Income
Ten Biggest Mistakes in Querying an Agent
She Loves You, She Loves You Not: Writing Romances Editors Want to Buy
Can You Hear Me Now? Dialogue that Speaks Volumes
Key Components of Young Adult Literature
Designing a Winning Screenplay
Five Things You Should Know Before Submitting a Manuscript
ebooks: The Rising Generation
Life After the First Draft
Crafting a Can’t-Put-Me-Down First Chapter
Shine Up Your Story with Conflict
How Can I Get More ‘Eyes’ on my Book?
Free Verse Poetry: A Secret Weapon for Improving Your Prose
Writing Cross-Culturally.
Presenters include James Owen (the keynote speaker), Dr. James Blasingame, Heather B. Moore, Dave Eaton, Angela Morrison, and many others.

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