Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any plans for book 4 of your Rogue Hearts series with Grant as the hero?

Yes, in fact I have three more books planned for the Amesbury family:

I recently finished the rough draft of Grant’s story. He’s embroiled in a Bow Street investigation and has found a saucy, gutsy, cheerful girl who eventually brought him to his knees. Literally. I’m hoping to finish and publish it before the end of the year. The title is not set in stone but might be The Prime Suspect’s Daughter.

Rachel (a sister) is not really plotted. She will overcome her secret heartbreak and fall for a childhood friend. Or maybe a sworn enemy. I haven’t decided yet.

Margaret (sister) is a little better plotted. She’ll be accused of murdering her jerk of a husband and then fleeing. One of Grant’s Bow Street friends, Conner Jackson, will hunt her down to bring her to justice. Or so he thinks 🙂

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What are your favorite Historical research resources?

Any books written by Jane Austen work because they were written and take place around that time period. her are some of my other favorites:

The Prince of Pleasure and His Regency

Our Tempestuous Day: History of Regency England

Georgette Heyer’s Regency World

Dee Hendrickson’s Regency World

Writer’s Guide to Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England 

The above mentioned are all excellent sources. But my favorite source is the Beau Monde, a Regency/Georgian Chapter of Romance Writers of America. A collection of knowledgeable and generous history buffs gather and share tips and sources for any question I can think of asking. They even know stuff it never occurred to me to ask.

Some of my favorite historical blogs are: Historical Hussies, Two Nerdy History Girls,  Jane Austen’s World, Candice Hern, Regina Scott, among others.

Are you planning on writing a book two for your fantasy, Queen in Exile?

Not a true book 2, but I do have another fantasy that I wrote, then lost when my computer crashed and my back up disappeared 🙁 It was a very bad day. I have started rewriting it but set it aside to focus on historicals per my agent’s advice.  It may be a while before I get back to fantasy or paranormal.