Happy Halloween, poem for you

Here’s a Halloween treat for you, a poem by a writer friend:

By Joyce Smith

Spooks and goblins sitting at my door,
Whining and howling as never before.

The moon is so bright and sitting high,
With the stars twinkling way up in the sky.

Those goblins and spooks are bad as can be,
Sitting at the doorstep and flying in my tree.

They scare my cat and they scare my dog,
They go into the sty and scare my hog.

Bats and owls and hairy black spiders,
Mummies and goblins and ghostly night riders.

Zipping and zapping all about the town,
Are broom-riding witches in their flowing black gowns.

Jack-O-Lanterns, Zombies, and the like,
Come a-marching down the street on a hike.

Not being frightened is really hard,
With Vampires a-darting through the graveyard!

Grabbing candy and treats right out of my pan,
They scared me so bad that off to grandma’s I ran!

Yes, spooks and goblins are sitting at my door,
Whining and howling as never before!


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