Honoring the Queen of Regency Romance

Today is Georgette Heyer’s birthday!

Georgette Heyer is hailed by scores of fans as being the quintessential Regency Romance novelist. Most people credit her for creating not on the genre called Historical Romance, but its subgenre, Regency Romance. Heyer had a  brother who was chronically ill, so to amuse him, she wrote a series of stories. Reportedly, Jane Austen inspired Heyer to write stories that took place in England during the Regency Era. Since she lived a hundred years later than Austen, Heyer had the disadvantage of having to research the manners and mores of the time. She also knew that since her readers did not live in the Regency Era, and probably knew little about it, she had to add a great deal about the setting. Some critics find the novels were filled with too much detail, others considered her detail to be some of her greatest asset, with her wit coming in as a close second. She wrote not only Regencies, but other historical novels including one about William the Conqueror which is hailed as one of the most historically accurate writings about the long ago King of England. She also wrote contemporary novels and thrillers.

Since today is the anniversary of Georgette Heyer’s birth.  So, to celebrate, I’d like to ask those of you Heyer fans to name your five favorite Heyers.

I admit I haven’t read all of hers, but I plan to. Of those I have read, here are my favorites:

Cotillion, The Corinthian, A Civil Contract, Venetia, and Beauvallet.

This question came up in my Regency historical research group, and here were our group answers:

10 — Venetia

9 — The Grand Sophy

9 — Devil’s Cub

8 — Cotillion

7 — The Unknown Ajax

7 — Sylvester

6 — Frederica

6 — Arabella

4 — The Nonesuch

4 — Faro’s Daughter

3 — These Old Shades

3 — The Talisman Ring

3 — The Reluctant Widow

3 — Masqueraders

2 — The Toll Gate

2 — The Quiet Gentleman

2 — The Convenient Marriage

2 — Spanish Bride

2 — Regency Buck

2 — Black Sheep

1 — The Corinthian

1 — Lady of Quality

1 — False Colours

1 — Civil Contract

1 — An Infamous Army

1 — Why Shoot a Butler?

If you’ve read any books by Georgette Heyer, what are your top 5 favorites?

One thought on “Honoring the Queen of Regency Romance

  1. Janella says:

    I have read around 30 of Heyer’s books and I would have to say that Frederica, Arabella, The Grand Shpoy, Sylvester, Bath Tangle and The Tailsman Ring are my favorites.

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