New Release, Rogue Heart Series book 4, THE SUSPECT’S DAUGHTER

The Suspect's Daughter, book 4 of the Rogue Hearts Series

The Suspect’s Daughter, book 4 of the Rogue Hearts Series

The SUSPECT’S DAUGHTER, book 4 of the Rogue Hearts Series, is available no w!

A PERFECT SECRET, book 3 of Donna Hatch’s award-winning Rogue Heart series, is a sweet Regency Historical Romance with a hint of suspense and a happily ever after.

Though Grant Amesbury is a cynic and a loner, his brothers always turned to him when they needed help. Grant would be the last one to classify himself as a dark knight, but he thrives on chasing down villains and dragging them to justice–dead or alive. Intriguing and enigmatic, Grant has captivated readers since the first book in the series, The Stranger She Married, hit bookstores. And each time he appeared in subsequent books, The Guise of a Gentleman, and A Perfect Secret, his fan base grew as did requests for his very own story.

Now, at long last, his story is told in The Suspect’s Daughter. The Suspect’s Daughter is book 4 of The Rogue Hearts Series, but it is written as a stand-alone novel. There are a few references to previous incidents and people in other books, but readers will easily follow the overall series story line.

In this new novel, Grant has met his match. Not only is Jocelyn his perfect opposite–light to his darkness–but she matches him in wit and courage. But Jocelyn has her own problems, and a troublesome man does not fit into her plans.

THE SUSPECT’S DAUGHTER is available now in print and ebook from all online book retailers including Amazon.





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  1. AHHHHHH I am so excited!!!

  2. Cortney Penn says:

    So excited !

  3. Kali Edwards says:

    I just bought it on amazon! A day early! I am soooo excited. I really hope my family will forgive me if I read all day and not get anything done. 🙂

  4. Katie Cheney says:

    I’m so excited for this book! Does it release today on Barnes and noble? I can’t find it..

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