Surviving Denmark with Tina Scott

Donna: So, Tina, why don’t you start with telling us why you wrote a travel book?

Tina: My book has two purposes. I wanted to entertain readers with some of my experiences, and I wanted to share things that I learned about being prepared when traveling. I also rate the places we stayed at and the sites we visited, so I guess that’s three purposes.

Donna: How is your book different from of a travel guide?

Tina: Surviving Denmark isn’t intended to replace books like The Rough Guide to Denmark. I wrote it as a personal accompaniment. The Rough Guide is full of useful information, but there are hundreds of places listed, and all un-objectively. It’s like reading a textbook, and because none of the places are rated, it’s hard for a novice to know which sites to choose for a vacation.

Donna: Does your book apply to someone who isn’t going to Denmark?

Tina: Many of the travel tips in my book can be used for any vacation. Some, of course are specific to Europe.

Donna: The economy is pretty tight right now. Do you have any advice for those readers who can’t go on an expensive vacation?

Tina: Because of the travel experiences and the pictures included, I think readers will enjoy my book even if they aren’t traveling to Denmark or Europe. Plus, I’ve heard that cyber-vacations are becoming more popular these days.

Donna: It sounds great, Tina. Where can travelers and dreamers buy a copy of your book?

Tina:  Here’s the link:

One thought on “Surviving Denmark with Tina Scott

  1. joan sowards says:

    This is a fun book. Tina tells us real experiences, some pathetic, some humorous and some truly great. Makes me want to pack my bags!

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