Take Me Back Historical Romance Giveaway

****Contest ended****
If you love historical romance, now’s your chance to expand your library! The Take Me Back! Historical Romance group is a great way to try new authors of historical romance for free. This huge promotion features 18 great historical novels by 18 amazing authors of all heat levels … plus FIVE $10 gift cards. This is not a contest where you have to enter and only hope you win. Everyone gets to download all the free historical romances of their choosing. Simply select the book or books you want to read for free and start reading!
Here is where you go to discover and receive free books, plus be entered win one of Five $10 gift cards: https://mybookcave.com/g/eafe8305/
I hope you enjoy the new books you find!

3 thoughts on “Take Me Back Historical Romance Giveaway

  1. Merilie Gonzales says:

    I love historical romantic suspense novels. It’s quite fun to get lost in the past with an evil villain and a great hero and heroine.

  2. Kathy Cantrell says:

    I have always loved reading about history and when you add romance to it the slow points are easier to read. It is a win win

  3. Merilie Gonzales says:

    I love historical romance. Men had honor and women for the most part stayed chaste.

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