Regency Quiz…How Good Are you?

If  you love to read Regency romance novels, you probably have picked up a few facts and some terminology along the way. But how much do you really know about the Regency Era? Take this quiz to find out. Email the answers to me and I’ll enter you in a contest to win a free digital story you can read on your smart phone or ebook reader. Email your answers to

You could, of course, look up the answers, but what’s the fun in that? 🙂

Ready? Here we go.


1. Where do you wear a reticule?

a. Dangling from your writs

b. Around your neck

c. Underneath your ballgown


2. The Prince Regent, aka Prinny, would eventually become:

a. George III

b. George IV

c. William II


3. Newgate was:

a. A port where ships docked

b. A jewelry store

c. A prison


4. Brookes’s, White’s and Boodle’s are:

a. Restaurants

b. Glove stores

c. Gentleman’s Clubs


5. A vinaigrette was a:

a. A salad dressing

b. A decorative box containing a vinegar-soaked sponge

c. A ladies’ hat


6. A tiger is:

a. A wild animal kept in a zoo

b. Another name for a rake or libertine

c. A boy who tends the horses while the carriage is about town


7. A pelisse is:

a. A light-weight, fitted coat

b. A small bag to carry personal items

c. An alcoholic drink


8. To purchase a horse in Regency England, you would go to:

a. Newmarket

b. Doncaster

c. Tattersalls


9. Lover’s Eyes were:

a. A tiny drawing of just an eye

b. A small biscuit, or cookie

b. A variety of flower


10. The Prince Regent lived at

a. Carlton House

b. Apsley House

c. Clarence House


How did you do?

Okay, now that you’ve got your answers, Email your answers to me at and put in the subject line “Regency Quiz” and I will draw a winner from all those who answered correctly.

The winner will be posted June 15, 2012. I will also contact the winner privately to get mailing address and info.

Good Luck!!!

3 thoughts on “Regency Quiz…How Good Are you?

  1. Anna Arnett says:

    Sorry I missed this quiz. June 15, by the way, was my 67th wedding anniversary. In 1945 it was also on Friday. What great memories.

  2. Barbara Staffo says:

    I really enjoy all the information that you give us. It helps when reading your wonderful books.
    Thank you. I also enjoyed the quiz. Missed #9, but I know what it is now.
    A fan,
    Barbara Staffo

  3. That was to easy you need to pick harder questions Cynthia sharp

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