The Queen’s Drawing Room

Queen Charlotte 1762

Queen Charlotte 1762

During the Regency era, few ladies received an invitation to be presented to the queen.  Such an honor typically belonged only the to wives and daughters of peers and it was a one-time event.  Oddly enough, the presentation did not occur in the throne room, but in fact, happened in the queen’s drawing room. The event itself came to be known as “the Queen’s Drawing-room” (yes, with the hyphen, at least during the Regency).

During my research, I stumbled upon some fun facts I wanted to share. Today there are three queen’s drawing rooms in Buckingham palace; a blue drawing room, a white drawing room, and a red drawing room. Each is absolutely breathtaking and still retains the flavor of bygone eras.  Apparently the blue drawing room was originally intended to be a ballroom, but another took its place. The blue wallpaper adorning the walls has been in place since the rein of Queen Mary. It was in this room, originally called the South Drawing Room, where  ladies were presented to the queen during the Regency.

Keep in mind that I’m a gawky, middle-class American when I saw that I found the pictures I saw of the drawing rooms jaw-dropping and overwhelming. I doubt I’d ever receive the honor of actually viewing them in person, but if I ever did, I’m quite certain it would rob me of all speech.

I devoted a couple of blog posts regarding the details of what a court presentation actually entailed in the queen’s drawing room here and here but for this post, I’m concentrating on the rooms themselves.

Since I enjoy almost everything more when I share it with someone, I wanted to share the link I found of a virtual tour of the queen’s drawing rooms, which still retains grandeur of the  Georgian Era. The virtual tour is, putting it mildly, awesome–not the overused term for anything from “that’s cool” to “that’s great”–but literally, awesome as in, it inspires awe.

Click here for your virtual tour of the queen’s drawing room. I hope you enjoy it.

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